S-tec Electric IR system for Coating Drying

The S-tec Electric IR System is designed to dry and improve the coating on Paper Coaters. It can also be used for moisture profiling and size drying. Using IR can significantly speed up a Coating machine and improve coating quality.

Electric IR system

The system incorporates stainless steel frames with 152mm IR modules. Each module can be further divided into as small as 25mm zones if required.

The modules use ultra-high reflectance ceramic material confirmed by NASA to be have an IR reflectance > 97%. Because the tiles are also an insulator (unlike gold film reflectors), even the small absorbed energy is not lost but reradiated. The ceramic material also allows higher power densities than conventional gold film reflectors.

Power density of up to 50k/W per foot can be provided. The power is controlled from power switching modules in the Power Unit with full control of the applied power.

The Swift-Electric Infra-Red System is a good choice where high power density is required along with higher energy efficiency.


  • Very high power density is available - up to 50kW per CD Foot or 197kW per CD-M.
  • Very efficient design incorporating ceramic fibre reflectors instead of the competitor's gold coated reflectors.
  • All stainless steel frame construction.
  • Frame can be mounted on fixed brackets or on a retraction mechanism. For products other than board, a reflector frame is usually installed to reflect back the IR energy that passes through the paper.
  • Coating drying can be very significantly increased to allow the coater speed to increase by a large amount.
  • For Coating Drying the system can incorporate a degree of profiling, for example by being able to adjust the edge power relative to the centre.
  • The IR system can also be used for CD moisture profiling on a paper machine and can increase the machine speed. Typical zone widths are 76mm and 150mm but other widths are possible.

Advantages of S-tec Electric IR:

  • Each IR Module has 10 IR lamps rated up to 3.0kW per lamp. The IR module is therefore very powerful.
  • Special ceramic fiber material reflectors provide both superb IR reflection (confirmed by NASA to be >97%) with insulating properties to ensure that even the very small absorbed energy is not conducted to the back of the module as with gold coated reflectors, but re-radiated. Overall efficiency is therefore very high.
  • The special ceramic tile scatters the IR light ensuring that even if a lamp fails a drying streak is unlikely to occur.
  • The module is protected by high purity quartz glass which absorbs very little IR energy. Because of this the module cools down very fast when the power is removed, minimizing the risk of fire.
  • The IR Modules are contained in a sturdy Stainless Steel frame. For coating applications the frame is mounted after the coater and before the air dryer.
  • Supply air and Exhaust air blowers ensure the proper cooling and long life of the IR system. Pressure Gauges and Switches are provided with PLC interlocks to ensure safety and protection.
  • Power to the frame is via high temperature cables preattached to the IR frame.
  • Power to each module is controlled from the Power Unit, high power control system.
  • For light weight papers a reflector frame is normally mounted on the opposing side of the sheet to improve energy efficiency.
  • Uses high powered RSSR Solid State Relays to control the power using phase angle control.
  • One RSSR is used for each control zone.
  • If required each zone or group of zones can be controlled independently, for example for additional edge drying or for moisture profiling.
  • Power is infinitely variable from 0 to 100%.
  • The Power Control Module receives a DC voltage or current signal from the control system.