S-tec is an Australian owned and operated company with its primary production base in Kunming, China. S-tec operates only in the Paper industry with the main products being Quality Control Systems (QCS), CD Actuator systems and associated equipment.

S-tec now has satisfied customers in 17 different countries, geographically spread around the world in South America, South Asia, Africa, Australia, East Asia and ASEAN.

S-tec systems are measuring and controlling all kinds of paper with the bulk being packaging grades (liner/medium) and crepe tissue. For crepe tissue S-tec has a proprietary non-radioactive option using infra-red to measure both the Basis Weight and Moisture of the tissue.


  • To manufacture the best QCS & CD Actuator Systems using the very best components available in the world.
  • To provide a cost effective solution for the quality control of paper and tissue machines.
  • To provide a fast ROI for our customers through the effective use of our equipment.
  • To have the lowest system lifetime costs for our customers through:
    • Easy to understand and easy to self-repair equipment.
    • Full technical manuals that allow self repair.
    • Using the best components in order to minimize system downtime.
    • Attentive customer support.


Please spend time at our site to view our capabilities and experience. Our site changes from time to time so please keep visiting. If you have a need for our products or services, or need any further information, please contact us.