Steam Shower System

S-tec Steam Shower System is designed to achieve the best possible CD Moisture Profile, or to increase the machine drying ability, on all grades of paper from tissue to heavy board.

Steam Shower System

In today's paper market a good CD Moisture profile is a vital quality requirement. Good CD Moisture means less rejected paper and the ability to achieve higher average moisture thus saving valuable fibre for the same Basis Weight. A Steam Shower will also help increase the machine production rate on machines that are limited by their Pre-Drying capacity.

Utilizing the latest Steam Shower technology to ensure the frame remains drip free, the system allows optimum velocity and volume of steam to be applied to the sheet. Application is over a vacuum box or vacuum roll in order to achieve the highest sheet temperature increase.

With higher sheet temperature both the viscosity and the surface tension of the water in the paper is reduced, allowing more water to be extracted on the wire or press. Higher dryness and a higher sheet temperature out of the press is the beneficial result.

The design of the Steam Shower Frame allows internal condensation to drain out without spitting on the sheet. The diffuser assembly applies the steam to the sheet via many small steam jets, to ensure an even and effective application.

Steam Preparation System


The Steam Shower is made from 316L stainless steel. Steam valves are also made from the same material to ensure a long life while minimizing maintenance.

The S-tec Steam Shower System is an excellent choice where a very good CD moisture profile and/or increase in production are required, while having a system with minimum maintenance.


Steam Shower System

  • Zone widths from 80mm up. The smaller the zone the more accurate can be CD performance.
  • Steam volumes depend on the paper grade, speed of the machine etc. Each Steam Shower is individually designed for the application.
  • Steam diffuser uses anti-fouling saw-tooth design to reduce the frequency of cleaning.
  • Steam Shower and Steam Valve material is 316L stainless steel.
  • Condensate drains are included to remove the condensate without it impinging onto the sheet.
  • Simple to understand and therefore easy for maintenance.
  • Steam enters the Steam Shower via a flexible steam pipe.
  • Zone Steam Valves are pneumatically driven from 6-30PSI air signals.
  • Steam Shower pneumatic signals are connected through Teflon air tubes, via quick disconnects on the end of the Steam Shower.
  • A steam supply temperature a little above saturation is required - typically 120-130 Deg C.
  • Required Steam Pressure is in the range 0.3 - 1.0 Bar.
  • S-tec can supply a Steam Preparation System to de-superheat the steam and control it to the correct pressure and temperature for the application.
  • Pressure and Temperature Gauges are supplied on the Steam Shower for monitoring purposes.
  • A retraction mechanism allows the Steam Shower to be applied to the Wire/Roll and to be retracted easily during paper feeding.

Advantages of S-tec Steam Shower System:

Zone Steam Valve

  • Sawtooth diffuser pattern to reduce the occurrence of jet blockage.
  • Fully engineered for the application.
  • Narrow Zone widths possible to suit the customer requirement.
  • All 316L stainless steel construction of the Frame including most parts of the Steam Valves.
  • Pneumatic actuation of the Valves.
  • Matching Steam Preparation System.
  • Drip free frame design.
  • Even distribution of steam.
  • Ideal for CD Moisture Control.
  • Easy interface to CD Moisture Control Systems.